2013, Graz, Austria

Electricity Pylons are technical constructions for the suspension of the system of electricity wires to provide people with current. These huge steel constructions are spread all over the world, from different single powerplants through the widest landscapes, forests, or deserts till the people who need electricity for daily life. To show by the means of these constructions and line connections on one hand the interaction of calmness and movement and on the other hand the necessity of a network to distribute energy and informations.
To affirm the importance of the connection to a network of energy and an exchange of creativity is a another statement. The art piece was created for the opening exhibithion of the new workspace of the art collective group „Schaumbad- Freies Atelierhaus Graz“ in 2013.

Red brown sewing silk, movable filaments on white paper
Size: 5 pieces, 21cm x 90cm, 6 pieces, 21cm x 60cm